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About Us

Trinity Turf Nursery Inc., our #1 goal is to provide the highest quality turf grass and outstanding dependability to our customers. Trinity Turf Nursery, located just outside of Pilot Point Texas, was established in 1982 by Wallace & Sharon Huggett. Our location provides us with the lighter soil and quality irrigation water needed in production of high quality turf grass.  The convenient location, also allows us to service the Dallas-Fort Worth area as well as the rest of North Texas.

Trinity Turf Nursery Inc. continues to grow; we have expanded over the years to 800 acres and currently produce several varieties of Bermuda and Zoysia turfgrass. All turf is treated to control weeds and any diseases. Trinity Turf Nursery also offers state certified turf to ensure the highest quality standards.

Trinity Turf Nursery provides customers options for how the turf is harvested, whether it be the 2ft x 4 ft hand rolls stacked on a pallet, 4ft x 90ft big rolls, or sprigs. Delivery and placement at the jobsite is also available upon request.

 Types of Turf Grass offered by Trinity Turf Nursery, Inc.:

 Bermuda                                                                Zoysia

  Tifway 419 *                                                           Palisades*

  Tifton 10                                                                 Cavalier*

  Celebration *                                                          Celebration*


 * Offered with State Certification


Trinity Turf Nursery has been recognized as a high quality turfgrass producer. Please contact us for all of your turfgrass needs.